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28 Jan

Wise Leadership Skills new Front Cover

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This book was specifically written to help and teach ‘wannabe’ wise leaders; life coaches; mentors; teachers; motivational speakers, and entrepreneurs what they need to adopt or learn about when wanting to become a potential leader (‘a shepherd’), a (“person of influence”) of people using two great past leaders, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, as examples of what skills are required to become a successful leader in the 21st Century.


27 Apr


One weekend Sir Winston Churchill and his Parliamentary colleague Mrs Bessie Braddock (renowned for her large frame and hard looks) were guests at a country house. In the evening, Churchill had more than a reasonable amount of alcoholic beverages and became somewhat quite inebriated. As he made his way rather unsteadily to his bedroom, he encountered Mrs Braddock in the corridor. She was rather shocked at his drunken condition and spoke these words: “Mr Churchill, you’re drunk!”

“Mrs Braddock”, he replied. “You’re ugly! But I’ll be sober come the morning!!!”

Our faults and flaws may be many, but as long as there’s a chance of ‘CHANGE’, then let’s not lose hope – AMEN!!!