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1 May


I always read my Holy Bible, seven days a week. I wake up bright and early, and pray earnestly. I try not to let anything distract me in my apartment. Then I ring my friend and she comes over and we fellowship sometimes. I have a glass of milk. She is fatter than me but smaller. Sometimes she comes and we pray kneeling down. I always lead the prayer, but you can’t always pray on your own. A man I know sometimes gives me a scripture, the Gospel.
He told me he’s a Christian. I never go to his place to worship. I did go down there twice. You can see his church from the window of my apartment. Mostly it’s Born-Again. They’re always praising. Mostly they’re preaching the Cross of Jesus, because they’re saved. There’s a lot of people in on it. But I can do better with truth, when it’s light in the world, it’s real, sometimes I’m drunk on the Spirit.┬áSeven o’clock the service ends for an evening meal. I always wear my long dress and my black hat, you never see me without my Holy Bible.┬áSometimes my friend accompanies me, she always brings over two Christian songs. This makes my week and I am very happy!!!

(c)2005 copyright Daniele Luciano Moskal