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The Travelling Twin Brothers

5 Aug

The Travelling Twin Brothers

This colour picture book story to be read out aloud by a parent helps and encourages children to understand the importance of being a positive, loving, caring, compassionate, kind person to other children and people, and not a negative child who simply always complains about everything and any problem or anything!

Let me introduce you to Positive and Negative two identical twin brothers…

By Daniele Luciano Moskal


Oswald Owl – the wisest of the wise

5 Aug

Oswald Owl - the wisest of the wise

OSWALD OWL was the ‘wisest of the wisest’ owls in King Solomon’s Wood, who all the people, animals and birds loved and respected. Old in age now, he spent most of his adult life coaching and mentoring all of the young and smartest animals and birds in the supreme art of wisdom by master-minding, and challenging them all by inventing new puzzles and riddles for them to solve….

This Children’s picture book encourages a parent to read-out-aloud to their child this story that teaches and introduces a child to the power of having wisdom in life.

By Daniele Luciano Moskal


5 Aug


LIGHTHOUSE is a children’s colour picture book story that can also be read out aloud by a parent. It is a short adventure story of a muscular strong brave character called “Lighthouse”, and his love for a King’s daughter – Princess Contessa….

by Daniele Luciano Moskal


5 Aug


Faro il Gigante è un libro illustrato a colori per bambini che ogni genitore può leggere a voce alta ai propri figli. Faro il Gigante è una storia di finzione di una breve avventura italiana su un uomo coraggioso e coraggioso che si innamora di una principessa chiamata Contessa ….

By Daniele Luciano Moskal

Paperback, 32 Pages


20 Sep


whether you’re a hardcore active fitness buff and gym member, an athlete,  a professional sports-woman or an amateur; whether your a novice to sports or keeping fit or working out; whether you’re just simple a woman of leisure – you must been seen and noticed in these beautiful designer leggings that are stylish, trendy, and very comfortable to fit any body shape types.

Custom made with care, each pair of leggings is printed before being sewn, allowing for fun designs on every square inch.

Medium weight fabric is sturdy, yet breathable, stretches to fit your body, hugs in all the right places and bounces back after washing. You can wear your leggings over and over and they won’t lose their shape. Get comfy and look cool with your own unique pair of leggings!

Designed by an Italian designer Daniele Luciano Moskal (“penofareadywriter”) 

Size & Fit

  • Full length leggings
  • Model is 5’10” and wearing a size S
  • Compression fit due to high spandex content; our leggings hug in all the right places and suit all body types

Fabric & Care

  • Material: Ultra-stretch ecopolyester spandex blend (88% polyester, 12% spandex)
  • High spandex composition means compression fit won’t lose shape
  • Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry
  • Vibrant print won’t fade after washing
  • Hand sewn in Canada

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Italian Designer-Leggings for Women




12 Feb

February 14th is a day when love is in the air for spouses and partners worldwide, who sometimes express their love by buying a greeting card or a special gift for one another. This day is called St Valentine’s Day. So what is true love and where does it come from?

Single-Red-Rose BIG


4 Aug


Paperback, 68 Pages
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What does the word ‘Disability’ mean? Firstly, referring to the “disabled” just does not help. We are talking about real people first and foremost – people who are daily presented with extra challenges because of a range of impairments they are either born with, or sustained through an accident, particular circumstances, illness or old age. Many people with a disability may not have access to cars and will therefore rely heavily on the usage of public transport to provide mobility and independence. It is vitally important that you and I the reader understands and appreciates the needs of people with disabilities. The effects of some impairment will be immediately obvious to you, but others may be invisible to the naked eye or be easily mistaken for something else. Let us now take a look at some of the facts and disabilities in today’s society…….