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“VOZ DEL MALVADO ENGAÑADOR” Tratando con los ‘palos y piedras’ de la vida moderna by Daniele Luciano Moskal & Elsa Mantilla

2 Jun

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Hay un dicho popular (y no sé de qué país se originó), que dice: “Palos y piedras pueden romper mis huesos, pero los hombres nunca me harán daño!” Bueno, lo siento, amigo mío, ruego que discotamos porque los hombres nos hacen daño, destruyen nuestra confianza, nuestra autoestima, nuestra personalidad, nuestro carácter, nuestra sabiduría, nuestra integridad. No escuches el sistema de valores del mundo; establece tu valor de acuerdo a cómo Dios te valora. Dios demostró tu importancia para Él de dos maneras especiales. Primero, Él te creó a Su propia imagen y semejanza, lo que básicamente significa que eres inteligente, inteligente y que tienes grandes habilidades creativas. En segundo lugar, si hubieras sido el único hombre, la única mujer, el único hijo (niño o niña) que haya vivido en esta tierra; Dios aún habría enviado a Jesucristo, su Hijo, para salvarnos. Eso te hace, hijo de Dios, alguien especial; un diamante sin precio! Todas estas cosas deberían decirnos a todos que no somos nadie, sino alguien, somos personas especiales a los ojos de Dios, así que no dejes que ‘la voz del malvado engañador’ diga algo diferente, AMÉN!




The Travelling Twin Brothers

5 Aug

The Travelling Twin Brothers

This colour picture book story to be read out aloud by a parent helps and encourages children to understand the importance of being a positive, loving, caring, compassionate, kind person to other children and people, and not a negative child who simply always complains about everything and any problem or anything!

Let me introduce you to Positive and Negative two identical twin brothers…

By Daniele Luciano Moskal

Oswald Owl – the wisest of the wise

5 Aug

Oswald Owl - the wisest of the wise

OSWALD OWL was the ‘wisest of the wisest’ owls in King Solomon’s Wood, who all the people, animals and birds loved and respected. Old in age now, he spent most of his adult life coaching and mentoring all of the young and smartest animals and birds in the supreme art of wisdom by master-minding, and challenging them all by inventing new puzzles and riddles for them to solve….

This Children’s picture book encourages a parent to read-out-aloud to their child this story that teaches and introduces a child to the power of having wisdom in life.

By Daniele Luciano Moskal


5 Aug


LIGHTHOUSE is a children’s colour picture book story that can also be read out aloud by a parent. It is a short adventure story of a muscular strong brave character called “Lighthouse”, and his love for a King’s daughter – Princess Contessa….

by Daniele Luciano Moskal


5 Aug


Faro il Gigante è un libro illustrato a colori per bambini che ogni genitore può leggere a voce alta ai propri figli. Faro il Gigante è una storia di finzione di una breve avventura italiana su un uomo coraggioso e coraggioso che si innamora di una principessa chiamata Contessa ….

By Daniele Luciano Moskal

Paperback, 32 Pages


12 Feb

February 14th is a day when love is in the air for spouses and partners worldwide, who sometimes express their love by buying a greeting card or a special gift for one another. This day is called St Valentine’s Day. So what is true love and where does it come from?

Single-Red-Rose BIG


4 Aug


Paperback, 68 Pages
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What does the word ‘Disability’ mean? Firstly, referring to the “disabled” just does not help. We are talking about real people first and foremost – people who are daily presented with extra challenges because of a range of impairments they are either born with, or sustained through an accident, particular circumstances, illness or old age. Many people with a disability may not have access to cars and will therefore rely heavily on the usage of public transport to provide mobility and independence. It is vitally important that you and I the reader understands and appreciates the needs of people with disabilities. The effects of some impairment will be immediately obvious to you, but others may be invisible to the naked eye or be easily mistaken for something else. Let us now take a look at some of the facts and disabilities in today’s society…….


21 Jul


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“What does the word Disability mean?”
This book has especially written for any person regardless of age group, ethnicity, or business or organisation wanting to become more aware of disabilities and their categories. In this Ebook the author hopes the reader will get a better understanding by simply looking at some of the disability categories which you may experience when coming across people with disabilities, and hopefully consider how best you can respond to their needs should the moment arise. Firstly, referring to the “disabled” just does not help. We are talking about real people first and foremost – people who are daily presented with extra challenges because of a range of impairments they are either born with, or sustained through an accident, particular circumstances, illness or old age.
(C) Copyright 2015 Daniele Luciano Moskal


19 Jul

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The Pen Of A Ready Writer is the ‘pen-name’ of the prolific and gifted Christian Author & Publisher – Daniele Luciano Moskal. This E book contains some of his best inspirational writings to give you the reader spiritual help by feeding your soul with the bread of God’s Word you need for your faith walk in Christ. May these powerful nuggets of wisdom lead you into God’s presence and bless you, strengthen you, encourage you, and apply God’s calling in way that’s real and meaningful to you by His great grace. “Your life is a story. Each day you get to write a new page. So try to fill those pages with responsibility to God first, to others, and to yourself. If you do, in the end you will not be disappointed!”


13 Jul


This is a pocket watch. It consists of an outside case and face and hands, with inside wheels and a mainspring. This watch is just like you. For you have a body, and you have a soul and spirit. The case and face and hands of the watch would be dead and useless, without the main spring and works within. So the body without the soul and spirit is dead. Yet it is the hands and face that tell what is working within. So we, in our bodies, our mouths, our hands, our feet, our words and works and ways tell what is the condition of our souls within.

The MAINSPRING is the life power of the whole watch. Without it, nothing would move. So life, spiritual life, eternal life, which comes into the inner man by a new birth is what we all need. “You must be born again.” (JOHN 3:7).

Then the inner parts of the pocket watch, the WHEELS, must be kept clean and free from dust. All watches are clean when new, but when in use, they are prone to contract small particles, which cause them to go slow and finally stop. There are little sins that get into young lives, once clean, and when retained and indulged, they do a great mischief.

Untruthfulness is one, dishonesty is another, exaggeration a third. When these accumulate, the inner parts need to be cleaned. (Psalm 119 verse 9) tells us how.

The FACE and HANDS of the pocket watch give the result of the inward condition. What you look at, say,and do, where you go, with whom you keep company, all indicate where the heart is, and what the mind is occupied with. This watch is one of the older kind, and I can take out the works from the case altogether. They continue to go, only they do not tell the hour. Our soul and spirit may one day leave the body, and still live; if saved (born again), then they will definitely go to be “with Christ” (2 CORINTHIANS:8), if however unsaved, they go to a hopeless misery.

In resurrection, beyond death, the soul and body will be reunited, and the one person who now lives will continue forever as saved or lost. So choose this day whom you will serve, for the time is short – flee to Jesus Christ, and receive the free gift of eternal life today!!!

(C) 2015 Daniele Luciano Moskal