About Me

I am an ordained Pastor/Evangelist & Youth/Children’s minister called by Almighty God to preach His Word, to teach His people, to lead His church, to equip His body and to do His will. Mine is a position of service, of humility, promoting racial harmony, of sacrifice, of giving and loving. I have the privilege of feeding His sheep, of leading His people, of preaching His uncompromising – infallible Word, of doing His will in His beloved church. At times I am called to correct, to rebuke, to restore, to confront, to admonish. At other times I encourage, uplift, appreciate and befriend. There are moments when I am hailed as God’s man, revered, honoured, applauded, loved. But there are other times I am criticised, rejected, accused, deserted and even hated. My business is people, my manual- the Holy Bible, my task to glorify God. My goal is a God-honouring, God pleasing, holy, heaven bound church. His call on my life is to live the Truth, obey the Truth, grow daily in the Truth, practise the Truth, proclaim the Truth, all in a such a way as to exalt the One Who called and anointed me to do so. My commitment is to Christ. I will serve Him, honour Him, know Him, preach Him, pray to Him, give to and for Him, my life, my will, my all are His and His alone. I won’t operate in the flesh or embrace the world’s values. I won’t allow opposition, criticism, discouragement, pressure, pride, power, temptation or sin to disqualify me from my calling for I am called of God, committed to Him, commissioned by the church; and there is nothing better I would rather do on earth in Jesus Christ’s awesome name, AMEN!!!

Daniele Luciano Moskal holds a B.A. in Religious Studies and Writing and Publishing. He is the founder of “UNIQUE WRITING PUBLICATIONS” (UK), a writing and self-publishing ministry that helps unique Christian writers of eternal value get their books, manuscripts or ideas into print. He is the prolific author of nineteen books, and the ‘ghost-writer’ of many other non-fiction and children’s books, poems, short-stories, songs all in print. He is affectionately known to many Christians and organisations throughout the world as the “penofareadywriter.”


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