‘BOLTS CREW’ of Luton Town F.C

30 Apr

Bolts Crew Badge blackBolts Crew Badge white

The ‘‘BOLTS CREW’’ of the 1970’s and 1980’s were Luton Town’s first active football hooligan firm of all ethnic backgrounds and age groups.

‘‘BOLTS CREW’’, aka – ‘Boys Of Luton Town’.

Before the name of the BOLTS CREW came into existence, there were many of the older skinhead boys who followed Luton Town F.C who wanted to be called; The “DJB” – the ‘Donkey Jacket Brigade’. This was because one Luton Town home game in the 1970’s, the majority of Luton hooligan skinhead boys that where housed in the whole of the Oak Road End of Kenilworth Road, started to wear Donkey Jackets and Doc Marten laced-up boots.

Many of the original BOLTS CREW from as early as the 1970’s and 1980’s received banning orders or prison sentences, and a new hooligan firm of smart dressed men in casual designer wear was formed called the: “MIGs” – Men in Gear.

The BOLTS CREW and the MIGs had fierce rivalries with firms that still continued into the 21st Century. Listed here are some of the main football clubs and their firms that were involved in serious fighting with Luton’s BOLTS CREW & MIGs hooligan firms at away games and home games since the 1970’s. They were from Watford; QPR; Millwall; Stoke City; Nottingham Forest; Leicester City; Birmingham City; Leeds; Cardiff; Portsmouth; Wolves; W.B.A; Wrexham, Norwich; Ipswich; Chelsea; Crystal Palace; Tottenham; Arsenal; West Ham; Aston Villa; Everton; Manchester United & Manchester City; Norwich; Coventry; Cambridge, Oxford, Mansfield, Swansea, Charlton, Reading, Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol Rovers & Bristol City, Barnsley, Shrewsbury, Lincoln City, Hull City, Bradford, Bury, Bolton, Newcastle & Sunderland, Carlisle, and many other clubs in England.

The events on the 13th of March 1985, when Millwall visited Kenilworth Road in the evening to play Luton Town in an F.A. Cup quarter-final match, whilst not instigated by the BOLTS CREW or the MIGs did have an effect on future matches between the clubs. The hooligan elements among Millwall’s fans, ‘THE BUSHWACKERS’ and ‘THE TREATMENT’ started to riot, and invaded the pitch to get to where most of the BOLTS CREW & MIGs members were housed on that night. ‘Ginger Bob’ and the Millwall firms and their hooligans had infiltrated the famous ‘Maple Road End’, and a massive fight broke out before the game kicked off. The game was halted after 14 minutes into the game, and the referee took both teams off the field of play for 25 minutes, as fans poured on to the pitch and fighting kicked off all over the ground. After the referee blew his final whistle to end the game, the pitch was invaded again with over 700 seats ripped out of the stands and thrown at the police, and the surrounding streets saw and witnessed much more sporadic violence. The violence that ensued that night resulted on a ban for all away fans by Luton Town F.C, which also in turn led to Luton Town F.C getting an expulsion from the League Cup. The ban was finally lifted by the club in 1990/91 season.

A few years later Luton Town F.C celebrated a famous 3-2 League Cup victory over (what many people and pundits said was the best Arsenal team ever assembled), at the old Wembley in the Littlewoods Cup on the 24th April 1988.

In March 2000, on the anniversary of the Luton riots, a group calling themselves ‘‘MIGs 2000’’ were blamed for revenge attacks on Millwall fans when the two teams met at Kenilworth Road. Bedfordshire Police said they were aware; weeks before the match that plans made by the ‘MIGs 2000’ hooligan Firm, to attack Millwall fans in retribution for the events of 1985. Some members of the MIGs 2000 were said (and were) members of the original 1970’s and 1980’s BOLTS CREW members – the very first active Luton Town hooligan firm. Newspapers and other forms of media coverage reported that the MIGs 2000 hooligan firm were said to want revenge with the attitude of, “Millwall, they’ve trashed our town once and they’re not going to do it again!”

This is what one football hooligan called ‘Wurzel’ wrote on one of Chelsea’s football forums about the top best hooligan firms in the country: “One of the most underrated firms of the 70’s and 80’s were the ‘BOLTS CREW’, and later the ‘MIGs’ of Luton Town F.C – on their day they were certainly up there with the best of them. They may not have had the numbers of the big city firms but they had some tough and loyal guys from all ethnic backgrounds who would show up and fight. One of the original Bolts Crew members I can remember getting a nasty hooligan reputation was an ex-para called ‘Badger’ , who is I believe is now a born-again Christian, and a Minister of the Gospel’’.




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