1 May



Many of you I’m certain when as a child growing up would have sometime in their childhood years been given a specific task for a little bit of pocket-money which seemed more than you could manage. Like, digging the garden, mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, or hoovering the whole house! The work was hard, difficult, tiring and perhaps a little boring. As time went on, you somehow became  increasingly lethargic and your energy was sapped and disappearing. Then in the nick-of-time your Mother and Father took a little pity on you and said: “Come on, let’s do this together!”

Suddenly, the job was much more easier, almost fun. Now, someone else was helping you, and what seemed to be taking you an hour or so to finish was over in minutes because another kind, helping hand was alongside you working in partnership and unity.

“GOD is never with us as a spectator; He’s always with us as a participant!”

For when you truly know and believe HE is with you 24/7 – then great and mighty things can be achieved a lot quicker!!!




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