1 May


I always read my Holy Bible, seven days a week. I wake up bright and early, and pray earnestly. I try not to let anything distract me in my apartment. Then I ring my friend and she comes over and we fellowship sometimes. I have a glass of milk. She is fatter than me but smaller. Sometimes she comes and we pray kneeling down. I always lead the prayer, but you can’t always pray on your own. A man I know sometimes gives me a scripture, the Gospel.
He told me he’s a Christian. I never go to his place to worship. I did go down there twice. You can see his church from the window of my apartment. Mostly it’s Born-Again. They’re always praising. Mostly they’re preaching the Cross of Jesus, because they’re saved. There’s a lot of people in on it. But I can do better with truth, when it’s light in the world, it’s real, sometimes I’m drunk on the Spirit. Seven o’clock the service ends for an evening meal. I always wear my long dress and my black hat, you never see me without my Holy Bible. Sometimes my friend accompanies me, she always brings over two Christian songs. This makes my week and I am very happy!!!

(c)2005 copyright Daniele Luciano Moskal


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