27 Apr



Imagine you own a beautiful dream family caravan with which you go on holiday, let’s say for four weeks a year. Now, on which do you spend most of your money you earn:

1.  The caravan you occupy for four weeks or,

2.  Your main residence in which you live for the other forty eight?

Surely it’s got to be on your own main home,.That must merit far more attention than money, for it has a greater importance when an overall view is taken of the year. Taking life in its fullest sense, where we will live to be a hundred, that’s but a drop in the ocean of eternity. Man lives forever, either in heaven or hell. Therefore, it must be the height of folly to spend all our time and all of our energy, and give our whole attention to this life – which is a short excursion – and neglect attention to the rather serious matter of making eternity!!!


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