26 Apr


Since my teenage years I have had a passionate love affair with motorbikes, and have purchased three in the past. I also rode many Japanese, Italian and British models as I instructed ‘learner drivers’ who wanted to gain a full-motorbike licence; I think it may have something to do with my family’s genes. My Ukrainian father during the Second World War was a Corporal, and a ‘Dispatch Motorbike Rider’ rider through enemy lines fighting against Russia on the Eastern Front. After, the war he still continued to ride a motorbike a ‘Matchless 350″ , until he passed his driving test first-time and purchased his first car.

Perhaps, many years ago just like my father and I – some of you owned a motorbike or a moped – like the one you see in this picture. That is, in the days when a moped actually had pedals (modern ones don’t usually have them now). Did the fact that it had pedals mean that those were what you used to get yourself along the road while riding that bike?

Of course not. Once the moped got moving, the pedals were there only as footrests because by then the engine would have roared itself into life, and you travelled by the moped’s power, not your own.

My friend, don’t be the kind of born again Christian who’s like the moped rider who’s constantly pedalling to and fro. You beloved child of God have a spiritual super-charged engine – it’s the awesome power of the Holy Spirit which has been freely given to you!!!





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