26 Apr

Evangelist Daniele Luciano Moskal’s very first book written and published by “Unique Writing Publications” (UK

The object of this book, written over a period of years, is to declare the plain and simple “Gospel” in an easy-to-comprehend tone of voice, encouraging and urging the reader to embrace Christ who is freely offered to all mankind in His glorious gospel. This book contains three topics. The first topic is the complete life-story of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The second is the complete life-story of Saul of Tarsus, from a murderer to a an Apostle and disciple of Christ. Thirdly, the last topic of my book is “How can I share my Christian faith without an argument?” (witnessing for Christ). This book after approximately 100 were sold was distributed free of charge and well-over 3,000 copies have been handed out world-wide!!



The Second Edition of this best-selling book will by God’s grace be published and available for purchase in May, 2013 at:


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