1 Corinthians – Growing Problems of a Young Church

26 Apr

The City of Corinth was in a strategic position between North and South Greece and an important commercial port between Asia and Europe. It was notorious for luxury and ‘permissive’ life which was to be expected in a city that was a centre for the worship of Aphrodite and other gods and goddesses. Its population was Roman, Greek and a mixture of people from the Middle east including a large number of Jews. Thanks to the Roman authorities, Paul was able to spend some time establishing a church in Corinth which, though it had a stormy early life, eventually it became an inportant Christian Centre. After, eighteen months Paul the Apostle moved on to other regions. While he was at Ephesus, reports came to him of problems in Corinth – problems of unity, social questions and moral difficulties, some of them very serious. These were inevitable in a young new church trying to work out its Christian commitment in an extremely mixed-up cultural and religious setting. Apostle Paul deals with these problems..





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