24 Apr



Imagine that you are setting out on a fabulous plane journey to an exotic country, and as you go up the steps of the plane you notice an ‘L’ plate stuck at the end of the wing, and huge letters spelling out the words: “Learner Pilot”. Puzzled and bewildered by what you have just seen yet you still continue to board the plane inside.

Then after seating in your reserved seat come the inevitable pre-flight greeting from the pilot – but this time it’s a rather nervous, stammering voice which comes over the intercom: “Welcome…….to my first ffflight…I just want to aaassure yyyou that I’ve read the manual before coming in tttoday…………And Ispent an hour in ppprayer as well. Thank you for ffflying with me and I trust your lllife insurance is in good order….We’ll be taking off very shortly….and I just hope we can land safely again…!”

Now, how would you feel in a situation like this? Would you be perfectly comfortable and confident? Would you feel 100% safe? Or, more likely, would you make a quick dash for the nearest exit while there was still time? It’s now wonder churches lack cohesion and church members remain unmoved and unmovitated if the people in leadership lack clearly recognised gifts for their work. Thy might have all the theoretical knowledge possible but if there is no obvious giftedness then no-one will risk following the lead they give, and the church will unfortunately suffer!!!


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