22 Apr


Four friends one an Architect, one an Book-keeper, one a Pharmacist and one a Production Factory Worker were all proudly out walking their different breed of dog on the Florida beach and bragging to each other about how smart their particular dogs were.

First the Architect called to his dog, “Archie, do your stuff!” Archie a German Shepherd trotted over to his owners car opened the boot and took out from a box a blank piece of paper and ran back to the beach were the awaiting owner and men sat, to draw a perfect circle, a square and a triangle!

Everyone was impressed especially the Architect. But the book-keeper boasted loudly that his Boxer dog could do better. So he shouted: “Money-Bag’s, go on girl do your stuff!”

So her dog ran to the nearest supermarket, returned with a box of dog biscuits and divided them into five piles of four on the beach in front of the other dog owners and everyone agreed that Money-Bags was very, very clever!

Next, the Pharmacist shouted to her dog a tiny Yorkshire Terrier called: ‘Quarter-of-a-pint’ to do her stuff!’ So Quarter-of-a-pint ran to the same supermarket where Money-Bags had gone and returned as fast as she could dragging behind two items in a carrier bag – a pint of milk in a carton and a large glass kitchen measuring jug to pour exactly four-and-a-half ounces into this jug without spilling a drop on the sandy beach. Everybody applauded and cheered in unison, “Well done girl!”

Finally, they all asked the factory worker what his pit-bull terrier ‘Tea-break’ could do. So he shouted to Tea-break: “Tea-break, Tea-break, go on boy show them what your made of!”

Tea-break quickly jumped to his feet, ate all the dog biscuits, drank all the milk, smashed the glass jug, messed on the beach, got into a big fight with the other dogs, claimed he injured his front paws stepping on the broken glass while doing so. Then he filed a grievance and injury report to the beach control guard that the other dogs had messed the beach, put in for dog’s compensation for an unsafe walking area and went home with his owner for the rest of the week on sick-leave. They are agreed ‘Tea-break’ was simply awesome and had won paws down!!!!

(c) 2005 copyright Daniele Luciano Moskal


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