19 Apr

Would you feel free to welcome others to attempt to assassinate your character? Would you even help them to do so? Jesus Christ of Nazareth did! HE had such a clean crystal conscience and a secure trust in GOD that justice would ultimately prevail, and that HIS enemies could do no lasting harm, that HE actually aided HIS accusers! HE welcomed them, identified HIMSELF for them, and even protected them from retaliation by HIS own loyalists! Jesus Christ demonstrated grace in action, in the face of all hostility. Jesus’ innocence did not protect HIM from pain, suffering, or death. But it gave HIM confidence rooted in a larger reality than life on earth. Because HE answered to GOD’S judgement, HE was free to suffer, even unjustly. HE left justice up to GOD, and did not resort to retaliation!!!


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