“VOZ DEL MALVADO ENGAÑADOR” Tratando con los ‘palos y piedras’ de la vida moderna by Daniele Luciano Moskal & Elsa Mantilla

2 Jun

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Hay un dicho popular (y no sé de qué país se originó), que dice: “Palos y piedras pueden romper mis huesos, pero los hombres nunca me harán daño!” Bueno, lo siento, amigo mío, ruego que discotamos porque los hombres nos hacen daño, destruyen nuestra confianza, nuestra autoestima, nuestra personalidad, nuestro carácter, nuestra sabiduría, nuestra integridad. No escuches el sistema de valores del mundo; establece tu valor de acuerdo a cómo Dios te valora. Dios demostró tu importancia para Él de dos maneras especiales. Primero, Él te creó a Su propia imagen y semejanza, lo que básicamente significa que eres inteligente, inteligente y que tienes grandes habilidades creativas. En segundo lugar, si hubieras sido el único hombre, la única mujer, el único hijo (niño o niña) que haya vivido en esta tierra; Dios aún habría enviado a Jesucristo, su Hijo, para salvarnos. Eso te hace, hijo de Dios, alguien especial; un diamante sin precio! Todas estas cosas deberían decirnos a todos que no somos nadie, sino alguien, somos personas especiales a los ojos de Dios, así que no dejes que ‘la voz del malvado engañador’ diga algo diferente, AMÉN!




The Travelling Twin Brothers

5 Aug

The Travelling Twin Brothers

This colour picture book story to be read out aloud by a parent helps and encourages children to understand the importance of being a positive, loving, caring, compassionate, kind person to other children and people, and not a negative child who simply always complains about everything and any problem or anything!

Let me introduce you to Positive and Negative two identical twin brothers…

By Daniele Luciano Moskal

Oswald Owl – the wisest of the wise

5 Aug

Oswald Owl - the wisest of the wise

OSWALD OWL was the ‘wisest of the wisest’ owls in King Solomon’s Wood, who all the people, animals and birds loved and respected. Old in age now, he spent most of his adult life coaching and mentoring all of the young and smartest animals and birds in the supreme art of wisdom by master-minding, and challenging them all by inventing new puzzles and riddles for them to solve….

This Children’s picture book encourages a parent to read-out-aloud to their child this story that teaches and introduces a child to the power of having wisdom in life.

By Daniele Luciano Moskal


5 Aug


LIGHTHOUSE is a children’s colour picture book story that can also be read out aloud by a parent. It is a short adventure story of a muscular strong brave character called “Lighthouse”, and his love for a King’s daughter – Princess Contessa….

by Daniele Luciano Moskal


5 Aug


Faro il Gigante è un libro illustrato a colori per bambini che ogni genitore può leggere a voce alta ai propri figli. Faro il Gigante è una storia di finzione di una breve avventura italiana su un uomo coraggioso e coraggioso che si innamora di una principessa chiamata Contessa ….

By Daniele Luciano Moskal

Paperback, 32 Pages

GOSPEL POSTS by Evangelist Daniele Luciano Moskal

18 Oct


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10 May

Sticks and Stones

Price: $9.49 – £7:99
Prints in 3-5 business days
There is a popular saying (and I do not know which country it originated from), that says, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me!” Well, I’m sorry my friend I beg to differ – names do harm us, they destroy our confidence, our self-worth, our personality, our character, our wisdom, our integrity. Don’t listen to the world’s value system; establish your worth according to how God values you. God demonstrated your importance to Him in two special ways. First, He created you in His own image, which basically means you are clever, intelligent, and have great creative abilities. Secondly, had you been the only man, the only woman, the only child (boy or girl), that ever lived on this earth; God still would have sent Jesus Christ, His Son to save us. That makes you child of God someone special – a diamond – priceless! These two things should tell us all that we are not nobodies but some bodies – we are ‘BE-ABOUTS’ in God’s kingdom!


4 Sep

Badger & Bishop

DANIELE LUCIANO MOSKAL, aka ‘Badger’of the Bolts Crew (L.T.F.C) meets fellow brother, friend, and bond-servant in Christ, RENTON BAKER, aka ‘The Bishop’ of the ‘Herd’ (Arsenal) at Pinner Baptist Church, 2016.


Filmed entirely in Luton Town by the award winning ‘Tandem TV’ Christian company from Hemel Hempstead, Herts, England in 2001.
This is the unique and remarkable life-changing testimony of Daniele Luciano Moskal, aka, ‘Badger’ of the ‘BOLTS-Crew’ of Luton Town Football Club, in Bedfordshire, Luton, England – an ex-football hooligan; gang leader; martial arts instructor; professional fashion model; hairdresser, night-club supervisor, award-winning photo-journalist, songwriter, and ex-Paratrooper who after 25 years of serious violence and crime following his beloved football Club all over the United Kingdom, and fighting rival hooligan firms in the 70’s and 80’s.
Daniele Luciano Moskal by God’s grace is an ordained Evangelist and Pastor who is now affectionately known as ‘The Pen Of A Ready Writer’, or John3-34 Evangelist.
He is the prolific writer and ‘ghost-writer’ of over 35 books (non-fiction, fiction, children’s books), and other titles all in print.

Renton Baker’s Testimony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgWUhC1Kq5Q

Former football hooligan testimony – Inspire September 2011 – Renton Baker

A former football hooligan explains his amazing change of heart.  By Sandie Shirley

Renton Baker led a double life. A loving, protective father and husband, he also terrorised opposing soccer fans on the terraces. That was until he faced a dramatic challenge at a church funeral: unless his heart was softened, he was on a collision course with hell. From then on there was a new quest to find real peace. Within days Renton bared his soul to a church minister. “I talked to him for four hours about everything I had ever done; as I spoke I felt clean.” That first encounter with God began a life-changing experience that has taken him across the globe to share his faith. “I learnt that my acts of violence were cowardly and love was the way forward – and the real tough guys were those who stood up for their belief and love for Jesus Christ,” says Renton.

His life spiralled out of control when his father, an ex-boxer and soldier, died when he was just 14. It made him bitter and angry. “Once I beat up a cousin when he told me he had a great day fishing with his dad.” Despite the violence as a football hooligan, using baseball bats, knuckle-dusters and ammonia to temporarily blind his victims, he would be concerned for his mother’s welfare as a widow. At 20 Renton was married, and within four years he was the father of three sons. His violence outside the home escalated, causing mental and physical harm to many of his victims.

It reached a crisis point when he planned to kill a man for landing his son in hospital. “It was frightening looking back,” he says. “I felt calm and in control as I planned to ambush him with the help of a friend.” He was saved from murder when his friend led his intended victim to a way of escape. It began a new way of thinking for Renton: “For the first time, something was telling me that I did not want to be angry any more.”

The turning point came at the funeral of his wife’s grandfather, a former church minister. His wife, Wendy, had turned back to God six months previously and was praying for Renton’s heart to change. “I walked into the church feeling naked and exposed as everyone knew about the things I had done.n“Listening to the minister’s words, I heard about this tough man for Jesus who had known God for 72 years. There was a personal challenge when the minister continued: ‘If you cannot be affected by this man’s life you must be so cold and hard-hearted, that you might as well walk into hell now.’”

Renton began a life-changing path, but a year later his youngest son asked him to help retrieve £2,000 inheritance money that he had lent to a cocaine addict.  For a brief moment Renton’s rage spilled. The police were already at the scene when he was armed with a knife to fight for his son’s rights. Renton was charged with the attempted murder of a policeman and his intended victim. “The charges were built up on some very dangerous and false statements and they were eventually dropped to lesser charges at the beginning of my crown court trial,” recalls Renton.

Disappointment at his failure became a divine re-appointment. Sitting in a prison cell immediately after the event, he promised God he would never do anything like it again. During the court case the judge ordered a two-year suspended prison sentence rather than send him to jail. “God intervened. I witnessed the power of answered prayer. I should never have had bail, let alone be given my freedom. “God is good all the time – full of grace and mercy. Nothing we can do will stop God loving us,” says Renton whose friend committed his life to God three days after the astonishing court ruling.

Today, Renton is a man with a huge heart for God. Building site colleagues refer to him as “the bishop” as he unashamedly shares his faith story. He also takes the platform for his Saviour at prisons, school and men’s meetings across the UK and travels all over the world as an evangelist for Avanti Ministries and Tough Talk.

“This may be my story but it is Jesus’ testimony of grace.”



12 Feb

February 14th is a day when love is in the air for spouses and partners worldwide, who sometimes express their love by buying a greeting card or a special gift for one another. This day is called St Valentine’s Day. So what is true love and where does it come from?

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28 Jan

Wise Leadership Skills new Front Cover

Price: £7.99 (excl. VAT)
Ships in 3–5 business days
This book was specifically written to help and teach ‘wannabe’ wise leaders; life coaches; mentors; teachers; motivational speakers, and entrepreneurs what they need to adopt or learn about when wanting to become a potential leader (‘a shepherd’), a (“person of influence”) of people using two great past leaders, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, as examples of what skills are required to become a successful leader in the 21st Century.